Completely Free Psychic Readings

75When I look back it must be six or more years ago since the first main-stream mind, body, spirit, psychic, fortune-telling type magazines hit the racks! At the time I was absolutely delighted. I had found a format which I liked and enjoyed. No longer did I need to search out specialist areas of book shops, and spend money on expensive books to find out the basics about a particular topic. The articles were interesting, and offered their tips for developing your psychic skills using Tarot, Auras, Ghost hunting, and Angel cards and so on.

After years of my own psychic development using a variety of training media, and many life experiences later, I feel there are a few sensibilities missing from the media.

I now own my own Holistic Therapy Training Academy and Treatment Centre from which I see a variety of people who come to me for Reiki treatments, or Psychic Readings, or one of the many other treatments or workshops on offer. I have had the pleasure of working with many people who are ‘gifted’ in that they have some degree of psychic ability, they see spirit, or sense certain events around them. In all cases these people have dabbled in some sort of psychic development, as I did myself, to now find that they are finding their gift unmanageable for whatever reason. The reason may be that they are unable to ‘switch off’ the gift and so are visited by spirits at all hours of day and night, or that now their home feels somehow negative, or buzzing with too much energy. They have a huge amount of questions about what they do that remain unanswered.

The sensibilities that need to be recognized by anyone who is tempted to explore their own psychic gifts further are as follows;

1) Ensure that you are aware of your own Chakras, know how to open and close your Chakras. There are seven main Chakras (or energy centers) which are part of your energy body.

2) Before beginning any activity of a psychic development kind, ensure that you are ‘grounded’. This ensures that any energies you take on are channeled through you and into the earth. This in turn ensures that you remain ‘of this world’ and do not feel that you are ‘away with the fairies’! One easy way to do this is to imagine that you have roots coming out of the soles of your feet, and these roots are burrowing, and burrowing into the center of the earth.

3) Ensure that you are psychically protected. As there are positive and negative people, and positive and negative energies in our world, positive and negative exist on the other side also. It is important that you spend time becoming grounded, and protected prior to beginning any activity. To become protected a quick effective method would be to imagine a gold, glass bell jar being place directly over you, only positive and good things can come through.

Once the above steps have been carried out feel free to enjoy the journey of psychic development. Never before has there been such a lot of information, help and tools to guide you with your discoveries. Whether it’s Tarot cards, Angel Cards, Aura reading, Healing, or any of the other many esoteric pastimes, enjoy your experiences safely knowing that you are grounded and protected.

Once you have completed your journey or activity for that particular moment ensure you give thanks for your experiences and send all energies back to the light, and close your Chakras.

If as you progress you find that you need additional guidance, do seek out a development course which is led by an experienced teacher and practitioner. It is true that there are a great number of people out there who feel able to conduct psychic development courses, many are listed in the classified ads of the new age magazines. When selecting a development course for you;

1) Ensure that you feel completely confident in the quality of the training. Course profiles should be available, check any testimonials.

2) Ensure the tutor is an experienced teacher and practitioner of what they teach. Talk to the tutor.

3) Ensure that you are comfortable with the venue and that it meets your needs, whether that be a rain forest setting, or a village hall, or hotel!

4) Finally make sure that you will feel supported throughout your learning.